Present Day

Jun 2019

Created Wavey Ball

May 2019

Created Nice Cans

Mar 2019

Created Baileys Holdem

Aug 2018

3D Printing Project

I established that to be able to produce further iOT projects I would need to improve the quality and accuracy of the raw materials for the projects.

I spent 6 months learning and the best practices for 3D printing and have created several 3D Models so I will be able to create small parts where needed for future more complex robotics and iOT projects.

Mar 2018

Turk – Built Prototype Robot AI Chess Player

Coupled what I had learnt from using:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Proximity Sensing Robot Car
  • Chatter Games Maching Learning AI
  • Robot Arm

To create my first robot AI Chess Player.

Nov 2017

Built First Machine Learning AI

Built an AI player for Chatter Chess, Chatter Othello and Chatter Checkers with adaptive free thinking machine learning.

Jun 2017

Built Wireless Self Powered Proximity Detecting Robot Car

Using Raspberry Pi , servo motor controlled wheels and various near field sensors I created my first “Self Powered Proximity Detecting Robot Car”


Mar 2017

Smart Mirror Project

Using Raspberry Pi, 2 way reflective glass and a computer monitor I built a Raspberry Pi powered smart mirror with wireless up to date information streaming 24/7 such as:

  • Weather Reporting
  • Local Transport Links
  • Outlook Calendar Integration
  • News Headlines
  • To-Do Lists
  • Joke of the day

Feb 2017

Created Chatter 4-in-a-row

Dec 2016

Built First Robot Arm

Jun 2016

Created Chatter Othello

Jan 2016

Started to use iOT – Built Voice Controlled Phillip Hue Lights System

Raspberry Pi 3+ / Mini Pi / Orange Pi

Python, Scratch, Linus/Debian/Raspian


Nov 2015

IT Projects & Systems Consultant @ Christy UK

Jan 2015

Created Chatter Checkers

Jun 2014

Created Chatter Chess

Jun 2013

Created First Home Automation Centre

Jun 2012

IT Consultant @ Hewlett Packard

Jun 2009

Welspun UK (Christy Ltd.)

Jun 2005

RMS International