4 Full 3D multi-player games.   Chess, Checkers, Othello & Four in a row.

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Available On The Following Platforms

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  • Cross Platform Game Playing between Windows, iOS, Android, Linux and Mac OSX.
  • Instant Messaging and Video Chat
  • Facebook Login
  • Turn Based or Live Play Modes
  • Same Device Offline (Pass & Play Mode)
  • Invite Online Player Mode
  • Artificial Intelligence Mode (Play Against the Computer)
  • 4 Games Included (Chess, Checkers, Othello and 4 in a Row)
  • Full 3D Rendering
  • Multiple Chess/Checkers/Othello Piece Styles (Original/Staunton/Stylish)
  • Multiple Board Materials (Wood / Marble / Velvet / Plastic)
  • Multiple World Locations From Sky Scene to Volcano to Space and many more
  • Physics Rendering for Realistic Piece Moving
  • 360 degree Board Rotation
  • Game Lobby for Random Online Player Matching
  • Notification Messages on iOS , Windows and Android when a move is required
  • Supports iOS 8 and above
  • Supports Android 5 and above.

Technical Details

4 Full 3D multi-player games.   Chess, Checkers, Othello & Four in a row.

  • Written in Java using jMonkeyEngine.
  • iOS UI written using XCODE story boarding and objective C.
  • Android UI Developed in Android Studio
  • Cross platform Instant Chat and Video Chat implemented using Quickblox platform API and XMPP protocol.
  • Other tools used Blender and 3D Studio Max for 3D Modelling and prototyping.
  • Image manipulation, resizing and optimisation using GIMP.


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